Friday, January 11, 2013

yum ( ;

I have been trying/finding new recipes and I am so excited to share these with you!  The 1st one I tried was "Salsa Salmon". Now if you don't like fish/salmon you probably won't like this BUT I promise it's great. Considering it is extremely healthy for you, give it a try atleast. 

-Add a tiny bit of veg oil onto sheet of foil and place salmon fillets on a sheet of foil. I used pepper, canned/drained diced tomatoes, tiny green peppers, chunky salsa (not the whole bottle!). I am sure you could use any salsa you like best. Try to roll the corners of the foil together so it's enclosed and nothing spills out. Pre heat oven to 400 and cook for 25-30 mins & BOOM! Heaven ( :  We added steamed veggies and low fat cottage cheese as sides.

-I made pineapple chicken last night and it was so good. Do the same thing with the veg oil and the foil. Give yourself enough foil to close it up. I cooked the boneless chicken breast on our mini counter top grill until it cooked then I threw it in the foil with whole slices of pineapple, green peppers, pepper, and 1/4 cup of sweet and sour sauce. Stove on 400 and let it simmer together for 35 mins. I also cooked Fit and Active brand brown rice to put under the chicken w/ green beans. The sauce ran together with the rice and it was very good! Husband loved it.

Some helpful tricks I have learned to stop "bad & impulse eating".

1) I know there have been times when you go grocery shopping or you are out and it just hits you " I am starving!". I had just got off work and went to the gym for an hr and still had to run to the store. I was checking out and I could have ate ANYTHING. I got some sugar free gum and popped 2 pieces in. I read that it tricks your stomach into thinking you're eating (enough time to get home and make dinner and not stop for fast food!). Sure enough, 5 mins later I felt fine. I was able to make it home and cook dinner without caving in and buying a Snickers or bag of chips that are ALWAYS there when you are checking out. By the way, don't buy the stuff by the check out lines. Usually, WORST FOOD EVER!! Don't let yourself settle for whats "good" in that moment. You will regret it later. Don't ruin all your hard work over in the moment hungry choices.

2) Before you eat something. Read the INGREDIENTS! I always read what it is made of. You would be so shocked to see how much crap it takes to make a beef patty at most places. It's sick! If the item has a paragraph of items that you can't even pronounce then I am going to say it's not good for your body. PUT...IT....DOWN!!

I am taking the day off today from the gym. I will probably do my stretching for 45 mins tonight. My quads are pretty sore from this week. I kicked major ass at the gym (woot woot!) and I worked through it  yesterday but I know my body and I need to let them rest. Which is fine. Let your body tell you when you need to stop. I try not to take more than 1...2 days at the most off IN A ROW from the gym. Back to my routine tomorrow (;

                         (^ Stretching)  .....Had to add this pic! It cracked me up! lol

Song I just added to my ipod that you might like... Kelly Clarkson - Catch my breath. I love songs that pump you up, make you wanna kick ass & run faster! <3

1 last thing for tonight. I was at CVS when I was buying my foil to cook these great recipes (; anyways, the guy in front of me worked at a gym. The cashier and him were talking how packed the gyms are right now.... New Years resolutioners trying to get healthy they joked. It kinda pissed me off for everyone I know that just started to change their life and get healthy. So what if they started THIS year and waited until now to change and want to workout. They are still doing more than everyone sitting at home eating tubs of ice cream. I hope all of you stick with YOUR plan to change and get healthy. Keep going to the gym. Don't give up in a month like those people were joking about. Think about all the progress you will have made by next year when everyone YOU know will be starting out... then maybe it will be YOU with all the good advice and tips (: Everyone has to start somewhere..... stick with it ladies. Prove everyone wrong but mostly prove yourself wrong when you feel like stopping, because you will.  It takes time but the time and effort you put towards your health is worth every minute.

Over and out readers! xoxo 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

constant progress..

        It works if you work it ladies!!

   My progress as of today.   Still working on my abs but I am happy as of right now! I feel like abs are a slow process but nothing worth having is ever easy!! (: I think I can...I think I can.   (You can too!!!)

I had ZERO definition before!! 

Dinner: Grilled Chicken & peppers, steamed carrots, low fat cottage cheese

Not hitting the gym tonight. Doing my home workouts..

Side Crunches: 5o each side
planks: for as long as I can hold it
fire hydrants
bicycle crunches: 100
Frog crunches: 50 (new one I just added! google it!)

push ups: 50

Stretch for about 15 mins after I am done (:

Remember to keep drinking your water! DRINK DRINK DRINK!

Over & out readers! xoxo  

* and though she be but little... she is fierce. 

1 year challenge!

So today I was thinking about fast food. Don't eat it very often at all. I started reading some blogs online that I follow and came across a woman who made a 1 year challenge. NO FAST FOOD FOR ONE YEAR! (:   I instantly thought, "I am so doing this!".  Starting today, I won't allow myself any fast food! I know it will be hard because sometimes it's just so convenient but I know I can do it. My mind is already there so it's a done deal. No Cheating. I can have my husband vouch for me lol. Hell, after her 1 year she never went back to eating fast food. Maybe that will be me (; Who knows. A year from now on January 8, 2014 I will be fast food free still! Anyone have enough will power to try it with me? I will blog my progress/temptations along with my other usual blogs! Wish me luck. I don't think I'll need too much! 

1....2...3..... GOOOO!  

^ Love this. I try to do this with every work out. I add a couple more lbs to my weights. Crank up the resistance on the elliptical. Run a mile longer than my usual. Do crunches until I can't go anymore! Once you're done you won't remember how hard it was

This is exactly what it says. You don't get to a point and think "Ohh, I am in good shape! Now I can stop going to the gym!".  It's like dying your hair. Yeah, it's awesome when you finally get the color you want. What happens when you stop dying it that color? It FADES! Keep going. Your life & health are worth it. Plus you look good naked (;

How many times have you said this?? I know I used to be guilty of this a lot 2 years ago.You learn to make time...if it's important to you. Believe me. I am a full time working wife and mother of 2! I know all about being busy AND tired! I call BULLSHIT.... 

I choose strong (:  I am small. I am 5' and 115 lbs but I sure can throw a punch like a man and probably do more push ups than you. I can run for DAYS and I love seeing the definition that my body is getting from lifting weights. My girly lines I call them. (:  That is the difference between being skinny and fit. I know ALOT of small women who couldn't do a sit up to save their life or run 2 mins without losing their breath. Whatever makes YOU happy though. 


ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW! (:  Hit the gym ladies & keep it up. The time you put into your health and body is worth it for many reasons....looking good naked is 1! My husband agrees (;

** I feel like I do need to state the obvious again. Being healthy is important to me not just the "looking good" part of it. It feels amazing leaving the gym and knowing everything I accomplished and the way my body feels tired but 100 times better. I am happier when I stay active and hit the gym. I have more energy! Seeing your body transform over time into what you have been working for is so rewarding. I do not judge anyone for their size, opinions, how active or not active they are. These are MY thoughts...MY blog! I love helping women who are trying to get the body they want and live a healthy live. You all deserve to look at yourself and be happy inside and out!! ** 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guess whos back?? Morgans back... back again!

Long time no blog?! Yes, I know! Don't you just hate it when life gets in the way of your plans? I hope everyone has had happy holidays and didn't indulge in too much "holiday foods"! Although, I can say that I am guilty of enjoying a slice of pie.....or 2! ( :  

I have for the most part, kept up with my working out and eating choices since my last blog (..which was too long ago!). There for a while I wasn't working out as frequent as I had been but I can honestly say my body/weight wasn't changed by it. Thankfully. I am BACK & MOTIVATED more than ever before though. Summer is only 23 weeks away and I am making sure that I am ready for it..... and my new bikini! ( ;  

I finally have me a gym partner! A girl I work with had a baby a couple months ago and is determined to lose the baby weight. Perfect. Having a gym buddy makes you push harder! I can't wait to see the progress we can make in the next few months. 


Elliptical - 15 mins, resistance 13 (it only goes to 14!)

Weighted Side Bends - To keep the muffin top AWAY! 20 each side x3


Crunches w/ medicine ball

Tredmill intervals

Calf Press- 20 x3  85lbs

Chest Press 15x3

My newest fav workout song -- 

Beauty & the Beat -Justin Bieber  (Yes, I am serious! lol )

Try it! The beat of the song just makes you wanna GOOOO!


New tattoo too! (:

409TH day since I started my healthy living! Feeling better than ever! How  about you guys?? Keep it up! It is a new year... no better time to become the healthiest version of YOU!  Hittin' the gym tomorrow and going to try a few new things... ill update you ladies how it goes.

*Question & Answer*

- Q. What is your (my) favorite thing to do at the gym?

A. (sorry I took so long to respond!) RUNNING! I love it. That is me time. I love long distance and I love doing intervals.

Q. What are you (me) working on trying to improve right now?

A. My abs. I don't want gross man abs but I do want more definition. That is my goal before summer! & my back too!

Over & out. Goodnight readers! xoxo

Friday, October 26, 2012

Slackin' on my writing.


This week has been so busy! I haven't had anytime to blog BUT I always make time for a workout! I know it gets hard and you get tired, busy, less motivated. You have to treat it as you would a scheduled doctors appointment. You can't just say "Ohh ill go tomorrow!" . If you put it in your head as if its just another must keep appointment you will keep going. DON'T GIVE UP! You are worth it (:

Amazing Breakfast smoothie (: 

Whole banana
half cup of unsweetened almond milk
whole cup of plain greek yogurt
3 strawberries
handful of blueberries

1 day of meal choices for me this week:

Bfast--  ice water, grapes, protein bar

Lunch-- Salad w/ grilled chicken, pineapple, low fat yogurt, diet mt dew

snack-- fat free pretzels, ice water
Dinner-- Chicken, large salad, low fat cottage cheese, ice water


Jumping Squats w/ a medicine ball  - 3 SETS OF 15
Me tanning earlier....
( yes, I know tanning is bad! GUILTY!)
 You can be small but still keep your curves! I had someone tell me they didn't want to work out too much because they wanted curves still.  NO EXCUSES!

MY motivation for Next Week...I will get a belly like this.    #watchmee

Will be going hard at the gym tomorrow morning! Who's w/ me?!

** I will answer the questions I have recieved probably Sunday... computer is being slow now! Sorry ladies.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ask and you shall recieve! .

Alright alright alright! I had someone ask me to add a before picture of yours truly! Obviously I should have done this on the first blog buuut I lost all my pics when I made a new fb account. With some digging and creeping on my husbands page I found some! (JOY!)


My stomach was wider and I  didnt have any definiton in my abs like I do now. My thighs are much smaller. I went down 2 sizes in jeans. I was like a 7 because my booty wouldnt fit into a 5! lol I am now a small 3. 
Like I said before. I don't know it all and I don't claim to. I know what has worked for ME. I hope the tips I have started to give everyone has helped them so far... that's the whole point. If it weren't for people asking me for help/tips I never would have started this blog but I am glad I did and I am very happy with all the great messages and  all the thank yous I have recieved. Thank yourself though. YOU are the one doing the hard work.... I am just giving you some extra tools to get where you want to be!

To answer a couple questions I have recieved...
1. No, I am not trying to get rid of any more pounds! I am happy with my weight. I am just working on toning my body and maintaining.
2. Someone asked if I thought eating/dieting was more important than exercise. In MY opinion, I feel working out is a little more important BUT you still have to have a balance. You can't just eat endless amounts of junk and fast food and then get on the scale and think "what the hell?? Why havent I lost weight??".  When you workout on a regular, you can allow yourself cheat MEALS...not days! Eating right is important to me but I do feel working out tops the chart.
Need new running music! Ideas??  & Please keep up the messages and questions! I love them.
Happy Tuesday